Are there things about your life that you desperately want to change, but you feel you can't or you don't know how?

You feel powerless to change them? Does this hold you back in the most important areas of your life... your relationships... your career... your health... your happiness?

If so then you need this training and self-coaching program. You know deep down you need to quickly take charge of your life and change the most hated problem areas of your life, such as:

* Your diet * Your relationships
* Your finances * Your fitness
* Your time management * Your work / life balance
* Your procrastination * Your fear of change
* Your energy levels * Your stress levels
* Your pessimism * Your creativity levels
* Your life direction * Your career
* Your family life * Your self-esteem

... using a proven SYSTEM that 'real people' -- just like you -- have used to break down their deeply ingrained fear of change and create a better future for themselves.

From: Lee Milteer & Gareth Thomas
Date: Friday, February 19, 2010

RE: Create The Life YOU Deserve, and FAST!
Lee Milteer Gareth Thomas

Dear Success Seeker,

Think for a moment... are there areas of your life that you're dying to change, but you just don't know where to begin?

Or you're afraid of trying to change aspects of your life because you think you might make things worse... or you're worried about what friends or family will think?

You know the things I'm talking about...

Your fear of change when it comes to tacking problems in these and other areas of your life, or your lack of knowledge about how to change, is holding you back from the life you could be living right now.

And every day you continue just accepting your lot and doing nothing to change the areas of your life that need improving is a day wasted.

So you owe it to yourself to take charge of your life... overcome your fear of change... improve your self-image and self-esteem... and tap into your talents and potential.

The good news is you can EASILY
take control of your life and improve it!
Fortunately, there is a system you can use to take control of your life so that you can overcome past failures, find solutions to your current problems... and create a better future for yourself! On this page, I'm going to reveal this proven system, developed by world-renowned lifestyle expert, author, and personal success coach Lee Milteer... Lee is one of THE most highly esteemed and sought after human potential speakers and productivity coaches around -- on this page, I will tell you how you can change your life using her proven strategies!

Here are a just few of the people and organizations who have benefited
from Lee Milteer's coaching

"Lee's energy, her enthusiasm as well as her philosophy of life will serve as examples of how a positive mental attitude can pave the road to success."

"To get a standing ovation from our group was very impressive! Lee's energy, her enthusiasm as well as her philosophy of life will serve as examples of how a positive mental attitude can pave the road to success. I think all of us at your speech, felt you inspired us to be better at our careers and personal lives."

-- Max Johnson, Walt Disney Company

"We all went away feeling better about ourselves."

"Lee's presentation was splendid! We have received very enthusiastic responses to your lively, innovative motivational presentation to our Board of Realtors. We all went away feeling better about ourselves, and our role in the real estate industry."                                         

-- Tom Lewis, Ocean County Board of Realtors

"... kept me 'spellbound' with endless possibilities... "

"Lee was very interesting, informative, responsive to the audience and kept me 'spellbound' with endless possibilities this has opened up to me!                                           

-- L. Albury, Florida Health & Rehabilitative Services

"Ms. Milteer is a truly dynamic speaker."

"Ms. Milteer is a truly dynamic speaker and motivates by exemplifying her words."

-- Hollis Bliss,  Florida Dept. Of Education

"Her presentations are full of fire."

"Lee is the most enthusiastic, humorous, and informative speaker that I have ever heard. Her presentations are full of fire."

-- Rhonda A. Likely, Pensacola Junior College

"... one of the top female speakers in the U.S. today."

"Lee is certainly one of the top female speakers in the U.S. today."

-- Charles Whitnel, Resource Group of America

"She inspires you to immediately set your action plans for your career and personal life into motion."

"She inspires you to immediately set your action plans for your career and personal life into motion. She is one of the best speakers I have heard!"

-- Mark Godfreer, Blue Cross-Blue Shield

"You come away with ideas on how to make situations more positive for yourself."

"You come away with ideas on how to make situations more positive for yourself and perhaps better ideas on how to reach for your career goals you wish to obtain."

-- Mary Ann Martell, Firestone Canada Inc.

"... a virtuoso performance!"

"Truly a virtuoso performance!"

-- Sara T. Hunt, Dominion National Bank

"Lee was terrific!"

"Lee was terrific! All of us thoroughly enjoyed and learned from her presentation on motivation."

-- Pam Leadbetter, Max Ward-Delmar Studios

Learn from someone who's regularly used by CEOs of Walt Disney... AT&T... XEROX... IBM... to inspire their employees Lee Milteer is one of America's most highly esteemed and sought after human potential speakers and productivity coaches. But don't be surprised if you've never heard of her before now! As the President of Lee Milteer Inc., Career Development Strategists, Lee is one of the corporate world's best-kept secrets, having counseled and trained thousands of professionals all over North America and Europe. Organizations including Walt Disney... AT&T... XEROX... IBM... Ford Motor Co.... Federal Express... 3M... the US Navy... Bell Telephone... and many others, plus hundreds of government agencies and scores of conventions and associations, repeatedly retain her to inspire people to recognize and use their own talents and potential.

Lee is also the founder of the world famous Millionaire Mindset Coaching program, and a world-renowned speaker on human potential, sharing the speaking platform with many well-known personalities, including:

In addition, Lee has been featured as a regular guest on national TV and radio shows, including "The Sally Jesse Raphael Show," CNN's "Sonya Live," "The Montel Williams Show," "The Dini Petty Show," and more! She has also written many books, including Feel & Grow Rich, Success Is An Inside Job: The Secrets of Getting Anything You Want, and Spiritual Power Tools for Successful Selling. And as you might expect from someone with such a range of achievements, Lee has won MANY awards and tons of recognition, including a Doctorate in Motivational Theory from Commonwealth College, the "Rising Star Award" by General Cassette Corporation, and the Entrepreneurial Woman of the Year from the National Association of Women Business Owners!

Get the entire 6-classes of successful life
strategies system...

... And let Lee Milteer change YOUR life!

It's confession time!

There was something in my own life I really wanted to change (it's too personal to really go into here)... But I was paralyzed by my own fear of trying to change it. It felt like leaping into the unknown.

So I did nothing... and of course nothing changed. Then someone recommended Lee Milteer's "Successful Life Strategies to Capitalize on Change"... and I never looked back.

I just wish I'd found this system years before!

Here was all of the information I needed to take charge of my life and change the aspects of my life that were holding me back.

The "Successful Life Strategies to Capitalize on Change" system includes mp3 files and a detailed Action Plan Workbook, containing information such as how to...

... plus much more!

Your friends and family will be
AMAZED at the changes in you...

Before you know it, your friends, family, and colleagues will be amazed at how you've managed to turn your life around... in such a short period of time.

And you'll finally be living the life you knew you could have but didn't know how -- or were too afraid of change -- to achieve. That's the impact that "Successful Life Strategies to Capitalize on Change" will have on your life. And by the end of just six short hours, you'll be equipped to... ... Take control of your life -- so it doesn't control you ... Tap into your inner talents to realize your true potential ... Identify and conquer the four major fears that create stress ... Learn to recognize opportunities and take action ... Set realistic goals -- and then achieve them In fact, thousands of others have already changed their lives and begun fulfilling their potential (they were just being held back by their fear of change)! They are people from every walk of life, including:

All of these people were able to transform the lives they had settled for into the lives they really wanted. Here's just one of their stories!

"Lee Milteer's material has helped me turn around my life from failure into a productive, happy and successful one both in my professional and personal life."

"This is one of the most motivational, informative and useful audio programs I have ever used. Lee Milteer's material has helped me turn around my life from failure into a productive, happy and successful one both in my professional and personal life. I would recommend this program to anyone!"

-- Thomas B. Powell, Dallas TX

Unless you are prepared to face your fear of change, this program is NOT for you!

Now before we go any further, I do have to give you fair warning.

The content in these MP3s and action plan are for people serious about changing their lives for the better.

... then this program is NOT for you.

If that's the case, please be honest with yourself and exit this site right now. Really, I am serious. If you are not open to real breakthroughs in your life, this is not the program for you.

Finally... the secrets to successful life strategies REVEALED! You've heard how others have benefited from Lee Milteer's coaching, and now it's YOUR turn. "Successful Life Strategies to Capitalize on Change" includes the following...

Lesson #1:

"Programming Yourself for Success"

...Take control of your life -- so it doesn't control you.

...Tap into your inner talents to realize your true potential.

... Cultivate a positive self-image and boost your self-esteem.

... Overcome past failures to build a happier life.

... Create personal power and use it to achieve maximum success.

... Reprogram your mind to dream bigger!

Lesson #2:

"Capitalizing on Change"

... Learn to perceive change positively.

... Develop a flexible mindset by overcoming your resistance to change.

... Maintain emotional balance by eliminating catastrophic thinking.

... Free yourself by refusing to be a slave to circumstances.

... Achieve inner peace by accepting what cannot be changed.

... Vanquish fear by transforming it into ACTION.

... Implement these strategies for peak performance and inner strength.

Lesson #3:

"Managing and Preventing Stress "

... Act, don't REact.

... Identify and conquer the four major fears that create stress.

... Six important phrases that will change your life.

... Avoid burnout by nurturing yourself. 

... Create more energy for work and play.

... Cultivate a healthy balance and be more productive.

Lesson #4:

"Developing Your Entrepreneurial Spirit "

... Seize opportunities by becoming an effective risk taker.

... Develop your hidden leadership qualities. 

... Learn to recognize opportunities and take action.

... Become a true innovator. 

... Tap into your creative problem-solving talent.

... Develop your intuition and use it to capitalize on success.

Lesson #5:

"Creating Prosperity " 

... Create security through the pursuit of excellence.

... Cultivate your talents and flourish.

... Overcome "poverty consciousness programming." 

... Learn to create true wealth.

... Create passion in your life.

... Understand the power of choice.

Lesson #6:

"Creating a Compelling Future with Goal Setting " 

... Establish 12 goal areas for balance in your life, family, and career.

... Develop a "destiny programming" mindset.

... Enrich yourself through commitment, renewal, and reward.

... Set realistic goals -- and then achieve them.

... Live your life with grace and integrity. 

... Tap into your real life purpose.

Lee Milteer travels the world giving seminars and speaking at huge corporations who pay thousands of dollars for her expertise... but all of Lee's life strategy secrets are available to you through the complete "Successful Life Strategies to Capitalize on Change Group Coaching and Self-improvement Program" delivered to you via a private membership site on a weekly basis (audios online plus an accompanying 38-page workbook split into 6 lessons)... but with a unique twist! You not only get this program delivered to you over the course of 6 lessons, but you also get access to my team of expert, qualified NLP Practitioners and Coaches on 3 live webinars where you'll be able to ask them questions in real time! These sessions will be recorded and uploaded into the members' area for future reference.

Now normally joining a coaching program on your own and having 1-2-1 personal coaching can be quite expensive (but worth it if you have the money!). However if you're not sure it's the right thing for you, or you just don't have the money to spend on personal 1-2-1 coaching, then Group Coaching is the answer.

Look, it's a well known fact that personal coaches can charge you anything from £80 to £100 per hour, which is about $97 to $127 per hour. In fact it doesn't stop there... I know a couple of guys that charge $350 per hour EACH for their private coaching sessions with their clients. Heck there are people that charge $5,000 a DAY for personal 1-2-1 coaching. But let's say the average price you'd pay is £80 (or $97) an hour for personal coaching. Now the investment in this course, were you to have one to one coaching would be $873 (9 sessions at $97) but Lee recommends the retail price should be kept as affordable as possible at $197...

    But it doesn't stop there... it gets better... you will also receive...

  • Lifetime access to the private members' area where resources and learning materials will be added after you've been through the program (I don't want to overload you) : $297
  • Mini-challenges designed to get you to take action and complete the course : $97
  • Rewards (in the form of ebooks or special reports) for committing to, and completing the minichallenges : $197
  • Extra audios where I have interviewed the coaches and they have dissected and evaluated in more detail the course content, giving real life examples to help explain the material even further : $397
  • Accountability reminders from me sent out by email to remind you to not only COMMIT to the challenges but to COMPLETE the challenges (I will make you accountable for your own success!). I manually check my "Big Brother" statistics to check on your progress throughout the course and chase you up if necessary : $97
  • Interactive members only site where you'll be able to post questions and get answers to your questions : $97 
  • Recordings of the live webinars will be made available for students in the private members' area should you not be able to attend the live sessions. This means you won't miss out on any of the extra and very valuable trainings : $297
    • So when we total up the value that Lee and my team of coaches are going to provide you in the next six classes, it comes to a grand total of:



      Now even at that price it would be more than fair for the value we're giving you to help you succeed. What price is success in business? Relationships? Health? Success in any one of these could be worth tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to you (your bottom line if in your business, the savings and more you'll make by NOT going through a costly and messy divorce! or the savings on your healthcare insurance and other medical bills, not to mention the stress you'll avoid). But because this is a group coaching environment, let's slash that price by 92%! Here's the investment you are going to asked to make to get all the training we've explained on this page...

      But you're not going to pay that price.

      Because -- for a limited period only -- your investment will be massively discounted to just


      To recap, what can you expect if you join this program?

      If you jump in and take the plunge and join this program right now for this one-off low investment you'll get…

      ·         step by step instructional lessons in audio and workbook format to help you identify areas in which you need to change and grow to be successful; literally programming yourself for success

      ·         You'll be asked to complete action exercises and challenges to reinforce the material you've just learned and to identify areas where you need to take action and change things in order to have a positive effect on your life

      ·         If you complete the challenges set (and remember, they are NOT hard), special bonuses and rewards will be available to you.

      ·         Throughout the course there will be loads more shorter, straight to the point trainings explaining key terms and reinforcing the training course material in order that you gain deep insightful and meaningful understandings of what is going on in your life and what you need to change to make it more successful for you


       ·         You can ask questions on the blog 24 hours a day

      ·         You can access each of the lessons as they become available 24 hours a day

      ·         You get lifetime access to the recordings available 24 hours a day

      ·         Three live classes are live where you can interrupt us and ask questions live on the call

      ·         If you complete the mini-challenges you will earn rewards

      Here's a simple fact I want you to think about:

      ·         If you commit your goals to writing you are 40% more likely to achieve them

      ·         If you tell someone else you are 60% more likely to achieve them

      ·         If you have a coach you are 95% more likely to achieve your goals

      If this program doesn't allow you to
      change your life for the better,
      I'll guarantee you a 100% refund!

      You have a choice in life. You can settle for what you've got. Or you can open your mind to change... and improve your life. If that's what you want. If you want to confront your fear of change, then give "Successful Life Strategies to Capitalize on Change Group Coaching and Self-Improvement Program" a try.

      No matter what the problem areas are in your life, this easy, stimulating program can help you overcome it.

      I'm so confident of this that, when you purchase this program -- at the discounted price of $197 -- you also receive a 100% 60-day money-back guarantee!

      Yep, you read it right... if you try this program and it doesn't work for you… then within 60 days just contact me and let me know for a full refund of your investment. Heck you could even join the program and complete the whole course over the 42 day cycle, get the results you truly desire, and then ask me to refund your money! I hope you don’t, but hey… no hassles… and no questions asked.

      If you're ready to learn those secrets now, then give "Successful Life Strategies to Capitalize on Change Group Coaching and Self-Improvement Program" a try... risk-free!

      Do you want to look back on your life and realize you missed opportunities to change it for the better and realize your true potential? Of course not! And it's not too late to learn the secrets of how you CAN change and improve aspects of your life. I don't care who you are or what you do for a living. Whether you're slogging your way through a mountain of debt, or raking in a whopping six-figure income, this program can help you.

      No matter what you want to change in your life, whether it's to lose 100 lbs., to improve your relationships, to achieve a better work/life balance, to change your career, or to boost your self-esteem, you are just 6 classes away from knowing how. You can order by clicking the PayPal button below...

      ...but do it NOW! Click the PayPal button  to order now (don't delay as this deeply discounted price of $197 is only available for a limited period of time!)

      Wishing you massive success,

      Gareth C Thomas

        P.S. Remember, I'm testing the demand at this price level, so, for a limited period only, you can invest in "Successful Life Strategies to Capitalize on Change Group Coaching and Self Improvement Program" at a special discount price of just $197 

        P.P.S. If you try this program and it doesn't work for you, just drop me an email and I'll cancel your membership and send you a full refund! No questions asked.

        P.P.S. After you've paid using PayPal, you'll be automatically redirected to the Members Log In page. This is where you will need to set up your Username and Password and enter some personal details in order to access the first week of training material. It's there waiting for you now!        

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